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India is the second most populous country in the world, yet our healthcare system is still in its developing phase and underdeveloped. In contrast to the western world most of our healthcare system is private and out of pocket expenses are the major source of finances. There is a lack of early access to these setups primarily due to the fear of huge expenses incurred in treatment and investigations. Our society also lacks education about deadly lung diseases due to changes in environment, air pollution and lifestyle. Diseases like COVID, Tuberculosis, Asthma , Bronchitis / COPD , sleep apnoea , Pneumonia, childhood asthma , lung fibrosis etc are on the rise and cause a lot of human suffering and misery in our households.

Lungs R Life healthcare foundation and its associated lung clinics is a unique and social service initiative to provide cost-effective, state of the art expert management and treatment of common lung health problems. This organisation regularly conducts free health check-ups and camps in the society where focus on lung health is primary. A lot of stress is being given to public education and awareness through organisation of free expert talks, distribution of education material and utilisation of social media platforms. We also have dedicated instructors who teach people about the correct method of inhaler and nebuliser use.

Lungs R Life healthcare foundation is dedicated to build stronger and healthy lungs to enable you “Breathe easy with us “

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